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Ruscoe Cup

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Members & Edwards


Short Mat Bowling

Oct '17 - Mar 2018






Long Mat Bowling

Oct '17 - Mar 2018

singles competition open to all members.

singles round-robin competition open to all members

singles competition open to those members who have never won a singles competition at any club

gents’ singles

ladies’ singles

gents’ doubles

ladies’ doubles

mixed doubles

nominated doubles


Mondays           Winner        -  June Ibbs-George

                          Runner-up  -  Linda Sutherland

Wednesdays     Winner        -  June Ibbs-George

                          Runner-up  -  Graham Birt

Fridays              Winner        -  Neil Greenfield

                          Runner-up  -  David Crosby


                          Winner           -  Neil Greenfield

                          Runner-up     -  Thelma Barnett

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