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The Stafford BC and Stone Crown BC

Challenge Shield

Our two clubs have been playing each other since the 1890's and for the shield since 1984 (date to be verified).  It is played for in home and away matches each year.   Goodness knows where the idea came from for deciding who the winners will be.  At each event, home and away, ten doubles matches are played and, at the end of the evening when we’ve been sated by a superb buffet and a drink (or two), all scorecards are placed face down on a table.  The respective Presidents of each club choose three each - the others are discarded!!! Only the six selected cards count towards the points difference.   The result of the first match is carried forward to the second match after which the process is repeated and a cumulative difference is calculated to decide that year’s winners.

See below for the 2018 results when available.


8 May (Away)

10 Games         Stafford  143       Stone Crown  92

6 cards drawn   Stafford    90       Stone Crown  36


12 June (Home)

10 Games         Stafford               Stone Crown

6 cards drawn   Stafford               Stone Crown


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